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About boomboom

The last company we started was called Cranium, the games company, where we set off with a mission to give “everyone the chance to shine”. With the support of an amazing team we made history, millions of games sold, many awards won, but most importantly our customers loved feeling that chance to glow and to see what they could do with family and friends. We became a word of mouth sensation throughout the world.

With boomboom we wanted to see if we could take it one step further, create a movement around creativity, the quest for big ideas and the celebration of people doing what they love. This time helping share the great work and inspiration that is going on around the world, providing support and ideas where we can, and a community of folks over time that share the same sense of mission. At boomboom the rallying cry is Think Big, a place where geek is good, whatever your passion.

Boomboom Central is located in Seattle, in Pioneer Square (aptly named for people like us), we are a small tribe with big ideas and on a mission to help your dreams come to life.

Hope to hear from you soon